The Sarcastic One (mentalsarcasm) wrote in rhul_classics,
The Sarcastic One


Just posting to wish everyone luck in their exams!

Remember to revise over Easter. Last year I did most of my revision the night before the exam and I would not like to repeat my stress levels over that time.

So remember these tips (mainly for 1st years):

1) Organise all your notes from the past 2 terms over the first week of the Easter.

2) For each subject, choose 3-4 things to revise thoroughly for each unit (i.e Roman History revise 3 emperors) and then pick another 3 where you can scan over your notes the day before, preferably the ones you already know quite well.

3) For literature, it never hurts to quickly re-read some Arisptophanes or some Sophoclean tragedy. Infact I liked reading the plays so found it was a good way to relax but still revise, plus you'll be able to remember things from the plays you can include in your questions.

4) There's nothing wrong with taking a break to scream into a pillow.

5) Don't spend several hours making notes and then lend them to a friend who it turned out had done bugger-all revision work in the first place.

Good luck y'all!!
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